Project status


Finalist phase: finding vendors

To prepare our final bid, we evaluated both validated and experimental technologies proposed through a Call for Innovation (CFI).

Of 172 proposals, 81 proposals from 55 vendors have passed two stages of a rigorous three-stage evaluation process.

The shortlisted proposals fit into four categories:

  • Foundational: infrastructure and software needed to operate the corridors
  • Connected: software and devices that monitor, interpret, and display corridor activity
  • City as a Platform: technologies that leverage existing city infrastructure
  • Supporting: projects and programs the support the corridors in meaningful ways

These vendors include a major global automaker, three autonomous vehicle (AV) shuttle suppliers, four top telecommunications firms, and two global software leaders.

Finalist phase: community engagement

In the finalist phase, we continued the conversation with residents and the tech industry, with:

Application phase

We wanted to start with making sure our proposal truly put our communities first.

We invited residents and the tech industry to share their ideas with us both online and in person.

These ideas helped us find our focus, define our goals, and propose solutions that:

  • Would positively impact the lives of residents in Surrey and Vancouver
  • Could be applied to communities across Canada
  • Is measurable, ambitious, and achievable

On June 1, 2018, we were selected as a finalist for the Smart Cities Challenge.